Labu Sayong Cafe – Silveritage Medan Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak – Rated based on 31 Reviews “Overall I can say, environment is nice, presentation of. Traditional water pitchers known as labu sayong continue to be loved in this day and age, thanks to constant promotional efforts by the cottage. One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayong, which is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, in the district of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The mere.

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A production worker checks vases for flaws; Far left: Lab it set inside the mould for 3 hours or so depending on the weather. Please refresh and try again. Artistic clay container carving.

The process of shaping and decorating is done on a simple rounded wooden board wheel rotated by hand.

Labu Sayong – Win Kraf

sayyong A tradisional water container. The Perak branch of the Malaysia Handicraft Development Corporation has opened a Handicraft Centre at a nearby town of Enggor which offers a training course in the making of Labu Sayong apart from selling these useful and attractive products.

It is open daily from 9am to 5pro and up to 6pm on Sundays and public holidays. The clay found along streams and river banks at Sayong River is most suitable to make the Labu Sayong. Another beautiful historical landmark is the Ubudiah Mosque which was constructed at the turn of the century by the 28 th ruler of Perak, Sultan Idris Mursyidul Azam, with its magnificent golden domes and minarets.

If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. Step 5 — Now it ready to use. But forming the clay to make containers is not as easy as it looks. The lwbu is located behind the showroom, stocked with a wide range of products priced from 50 sen to RM The mere mention of the name Sayong evokes the image saayong the famous black gourd-shaped clay pitcher. These pitchers showcase the beauty of Malaysia’s heritage and most of the creations can be attributed to the skill and natural talent of the women folk.


Teknik pembuatan labu sayong [ sunting sunting sumber ] Perusahaan membuat Labu Sayong tergolong dalam pembuatan seramik. Back to search Esc. Artistic clay container carving with the inscription in Arabic: Traditional Malay water storage container called Labu Sayong. The art of pitcher making involves the shaping of clay, which is then printed with various designs, smoked and then baked to form a handicraft which is lots beautiful and unique.

Perak – Labu Sayong – well known for a local pottery.

The idea originated from the use of actual matured pumpkins to store water, after the contents had been removed and the inside cleaned. Such tedious and painstaking process!!! Welcome to Labu Sayong Signature Meru!

The original and traditional restaurant offers a wide array of dishes with the unique and authentic flavours of Perak. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Back in the old days, the pots are fired in open trenches filled with dry rambutan trees, bamboo and palm fronds until they are red hot.

Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions.

Labu sayong

For the earthen look, it is dipped in the natural wood-colored paint. The base of the pot is brushed with liquid resin or wax to render it waterproof.

In the past, Labu Sayong was widely labj to store drinking water buy the Malays. We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing Download with confidence Find your plan.

Already have an account? The price ranges from RM Indeed, they are the best indication of handmade authenticity. Afternoon Tea Set Menu 3p.

One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayongwhich is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, in the district of Kuala KangsarPerak.


Step 4 – Turn it upside down and leave it to dry for 24 hours. It is made of clay that has been in the process with a variety of attractive colors and patterns. Did you mean lab saying? It is made of clay and mix with few soils. Beside the water pitcher, Labu Sayong can be made into l amp stands and vases. The glossy, black labu sayong is a State icon for Perak.

Labu Sayong – Review of Win Kraf, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia – TripAdvisor

The amazing thing about this black clay pitcher is that it keeps the water cool and is believed to help prevent illness and stomach disorder.

These days, people prefer using glazed pots for cooking curry, kurma and rendang because these pots look prettier and don’t crack easily,” says Ramadas, who runs his business with the help of his children and wife. Generally, this type of vase cost RM 6.

Step 2 — Wash the rice thoroughly. Perusahaan membuat Labu Sayong tergolong dalam pembuatan seramik.

During this process, the clay will settle down, The water is then removed and the remaining clay is taken out and put on a plaster slab to be kneaded and wedged. Otherwise, the pot is painted over its natural baked state. Some people even use oil lamps as candle holders.

Instantly recognisable, labu sayong takes days of handwork in forming, firing, drying and engraving.

Potter make the traditional water storage containers a. This process of kneading and wedging will remove air bubbles which can cause the pot to break when exposed to intense heat.