Chandra Pips Arundhati to Commonwealth Prize. The Times of India News Service. NEW DELHI: Vikram Chandra’s Love and Longing in Bombay has won the. Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay—its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries—while exploring timeless.

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For a cynic she despairs a lot.

Love and Longing in Bombay | Vikram Chandra

According to the author it is any pleasure that is sought. His eyes filled with moisture and suddenly the dark was full of soft shadows. However in the future I may rant off, so beware.

But at the same time keeping the titles from Vedic tradition the author reflected though unknowingly his anxiety of Indian-ness. Singh, recently and irrevocably divorced from his wife, struggles with the dark places the failure of his marriage has taken him while trying to solve an apparently open-and-shut murder case.

Consider this passage where the focus is on the central character Shiela, one of the controlling figures of the story, whose elegance and quiet confidence lonigng me think of her as someone who looked like an aged Leela Naidu: It shamed him more than anything else that they were not disappointed but sympathetic. Jun 01, Kishanlal Katira rated it liked it. Whilst Chapter 5 did use narration to show us the characters more than the rest of the book, I think ‘Wuthering Heights’ did this better; if you read tha Chapters 1, 4 and 5 are the good ones.


Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

Nevertheless, each had something to say about the state of India: They were committed, hardy, and well trained. There’s a ghost story, a gangster lobging, and all sorts of love stories of various kinds–a gay couple of whom one has a secret, a soldier haunted by an unforgiven childhood accident, a policeman going through a divorce investigating the murder of a loving husband and father.

Some stories are binding but most specially the last one is too off the tracks and just doesnt make sense. Simply put, I like the real beyond the facts and the statistics and the little Bombay dot on a googled geography map. Whatever it was, it was coming towards him. Then he saw his leg. Jago Antia cyandra two steps forward.

But such stylistic dazzle was beyond Maugham, always so unadventurous in his writing. There’s something in it. Amma took two steps forward. As Jago Antia pulled off his shoes in the living room, Thapa came in and went to the kitchen. The cases drag on for years and years in courts, and the houses lie vacant because no one will let anyone else live in them. They have the fronded, trailing carelessness that is never truly careless, and which comes from being dragged across actual lives.

I’m sorry, he came off as insolent, not handling the loss very well and taking questionable steps which thankfully did not end with him in jail. Do you get the impression this collection is all about Story? To take his mind off his personal problems, he throws himself into the murder case, thus unraveling lurid details about the victim. As Iqbal says in Arthamothers are always teaching their children to endure. All just sheets on the furniture. Bombay often tends to satisfy the urge and wishes and expectations of an audience thousands of miles away.


It was quite true.

Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

It should not be labeled as a marginalized piece written by a marginalized writer. All that writing time I could’ve spent reading. The lives of these characters are full of action — clandestine affairs, business deals, terminal illness, brutal murders, porn, amputations, tragic accidents, weddings, divorces, torture, and so on.

The translation I read Hebrew had set no problems, which is all I expect from a translation. Skip to main content. I enjoyed the Bombay setting, usually the upper class or newly emergent middle class computer programmers for example – something that chajdra different to the usual view of India.

I’ll see Todywalla too. Contemporary Indian Writing in English: I had to look the terms up in Wikipedia, but even at such ,ove superficial level, having some idea what the concepts mean does shed some additional light on the individual stories. Satraj Singh would later go one to have a book of his own in Sacred Games, and it is not difficult to see why. For me they were all ok reads but nothing more.

Jago Antia had never married.