Book Review — Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika #3) by R.K. Lilley. March 10 If you love second chance romance, this is a must-read series!. Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika Book 3) Kind of *spoiler* warning: I don’t say much by way of “info” in this review regarding THIS particular. I say to myself, most books have a happy ending. How on earth will Tristan ever redeem himself in Lovely Trigger? Not gonna happen in my book, on my time.

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Lovely Trigger — R.K. LILLEY

Move on from Tristan, Danika. Her going through life thinking she had no options seemed like it was just a ploy to make her story that much more dramatic when it wasn’t necessary. The problem is that all those other feelings are in the way. This story, I know, will stay with me for a long time.

I could smack the shit outta you. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Review & Giveaway – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Liley

As with most addicts it takes a life changing event to have a come to Jesus moment. The journey that these two went through was just everything!!! But he was too weak. BR with Sharon is an emotional book junkie This is my 1 book I’ve read so far this year!


Liley is a talented author. It would have shown growth lovwly her part to take the steps to become mentally and emotionally healthy. Do not read if you haven’t read this book.

Lovely Trigger

Then I was presented with the ending of this trilogy and I was blown away, RK Lilley delivered the perfect ending and my book heart was left more than happy. When tragedy strikes and life is not as they had dreamed they both have to find the strength to move forward to a life of belief that there has to be hope.

And I loved how he worked his “magic”. I meant to break her. But it was enough.

Now on to the story of Tristan and Danika We learn she can no longer dance, and will forever walk with a limp. Considering that this is my 2nd trilogy that I finished, it tells you something.

Everything you want in a great book. And, would they ever find their way back to each other after hitting rock bottom? Offcourse like everything else, there were bumps along the way and as they say It makes me happy. But holy flying cow! His love for Danika was powerful. No children…and that is a touch pill to swallow. It had me ugly crying, ugly laughing, just ugly everything really.

Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley – Maryse’s Book Blog

He knew what she needed. True love was a myth, a misdirection from the solid things in life. They had a lot to overcome, and there was a lot of healing needed, but he never lost faith that they could overcome it all together. He is obsessed with getting her back, and lovelh her he’s changed.


Which is why I cried and cried and cried. Did I enjoy seeing how their love was the underlying current to their HEA? I teared up so many times reading how he felt about her, his losses and regrets. I loved how, despite all the bad that happened ttrigger them, and despite everything that came between them even if those things were sometimes their own actionsneither of them every truly stopped loving the other. PS-Thanks too for using my Facebook post in your review…I feel like a celebrity and yes, I was squeeing like a fan girl again.

I was in book heaven!

Danika comes to realize what Tristan has always known. It was that kind of breakup.