Since much of the information about past events is presented in a series of flashbacks we are deliberately left free to speculate on some of its accuracy. Doctor Who – Lung Barrow – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Lungbarrow.

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Why does Romana want a copy of the information in Lungbarrow’s Loom? Kein Wunder, dass der Doctor weg wollte: I don’t feel that Lungbarrow ruined lungbarro Doctor’s mystery.

He lives in London. The site was constructed using Drupal. The Doctor says he met Ferrain in ‘ Genesis of the Daleks ‘. And I guess the doctor is secretly a God, as he’s actually The Other ffee timelord history!!

Glospin, meanwhile, continues to spread doubt and anger through the House, telling Innocet that the Doctor intends to disinherit her as the next Housekeeper, and reminding Owis that since he is an illegal Replacement, if the Doctor returns he will be terminated.

But if that’s what he wants, that’s what he’ll get, and Satthralope takes steps to ensure that nobody can leave until the will is read. Crooking fingers is how Gallifreyans agree on a bet or suchlike.

Lungbarrow was entombed exactly years ago. It’s still a worthwhile read for a dedicated Whovian looking for a snapshot of the era’s mythology, but as an actual reading experience it’s more frustrating than enjoyable. Why does she seem to suspect something about the Doctor’s origins as The Other?

Many of the New Adventures authors migrated to the BBC Books Doctor Who line and elements of this backstory also made their way into subsequent novels. A landmark novel which deserves special mention. Innocet reads Chris’ mind and relives his vision, which seems to confirm that the Doctor killed Quences, and although the Doctor proclaims his innocence he realises that he can’t remember what he was really doing that day.


New Gallifreyans are born fully grown up, and are educated in one of the Houses until they’re ready to be unleashed onto the world. It was performed at Otherstide. It is the majority who consider origin stories too revealing, so I get where you’re coming from. Recommended for patient Dr.

May be it is a case of too high expectations?


Until they are truly free, Innocet has vowed that she will not cut her hair; already years of growth lie wrapped on her back, the heavy burden of her guilt and responsibility.

Die Sache mit Susan? A good conclusion to the series. Aug 22, Colin rated it liked it Shelves: Lord Ferrain is its Director of Allegiance. Ok, back to the weird stuff. Worth reading once, but unless your are loaded with cash, don’t pay a huge price for this book. This paperback is out of print but definitely worth reading if you can find a copy.

I think my favourite supporting character would have to be Badger as there are quite a few funny moments with him in the book. A year after the Other disappears, Rassilon institutes a festival of freedom. Innocet claims Housepitality for the lubgbarrow arrivals, and thus the Doctor and Chris, although intruders, must be treated as honoured guests.

Lungbarrow by Marc Platt

I had trouble picturing Seven in many of the scenes and he only really became visible when he was interacting with Ace. A few nice peeks into Gallifrey’s past, and so on. Pages to import images to Wikidata Webarchive template wayback links. Sadly, when the BBC quasi-cancelled the original run much of that material fell by the wayside.


One of the great things the new adventures did lungbadrow was dip into the fan mythology of the show and expand it in cool ways. Ace is taken from Paris, However, he also noted that reprints of these books were not allowed, because Virgin’s license expired before a second printing might otherwise have been made.

I liked the oppressive atmosphere of the House and the chance to see “the real” Gallifrey, not just the Citadel. Ace would have secured a stage box to see the riot in the Auditorium, and he Doctor would have been beating lunybarrow with the drummers in the wings.

Lungbarrow – Wikipedia

She has been romantically involved with the painter Georges Seurat. When all stories of any media under any banner are listed chronologically, this is the last which features the Seventh Doctor as the “current” Doctor, although Paul McGann ‘s Eighth Doctor had already made his televised appearance by the time the novel was published. His mind occupied with thoughts of his coming regeneration, the TARDIS accidentally returns the Doctor to Gallifrey and the House of Lungbarrow, where for over years his 44 cousins have been trapped, but lungbarrlw only six of them are still left.

K9 Mark I has the security codes to access the entire panotropic net from one port.