What we witness today is a kind of political Buddhism trying to promote the interests of the Sinhala-Buddhist people, rather than religion. A Concise Sinhala Mahavamsa has 4 ratings and 2 reviews. Jonathan said: The key rule when translating is to use a translator to translate into their nati. Old-Sinhalese prose, probably mingled with verse in the Pali language. 2. reign the Dipavamsa as well as the Mahavamsa comes to an end. 4. Of this work .

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At the highest level on the western side towards the north end was excavated a rectangular terrace retained by brickwork and walled 43 ft x 24 ft with steps leading on and into it from the long eastern and western sides.

Mahavamsa- An Insult To The Buddha!

Great poets, imaginative people — their whole ego is involved in einhala. Mahanama wrote the Mahavamsa, in which he has added his own imaginations and myths. Both the demon Queen and Vijaya are portrayed as being deeply treacherous and unfeeling — Queen in betraying her entire people, Vijaya in betraying her in turn so callously. A Handbook of Pali Literature 1st Indian ed.

Continuously, day and night, he is thinking about food and sex — one has to get free. His soldiers may have camped in the intervening space between the main sima on sinhsla southern, western and northern sides and the outermost sinhalq of earth. Will they have to look up to some other person? Chami marked it as to-read Sep 07, Events that took place in India against Buddhism prompted the Mahavihara monks in Sri Lanka to come up with a strategy to protect Buddhism. He talks about God but thinks about food.


It has grown old but has not changed. The fourth door was self-extension. With the patronage of the Buddhist Kings, it is the Mahavihara monks who assimilated all the Buddhists from many different tribes together and called mahsvamsa Sihala.

The Sinhala (Mahavamsa) Buddhism Revisited – Sri Lanka Guardian

They lost their former names, castes, and clans, and came to be known, as members of One Community — the Sangha. The sleep has not disturbed anything. The key rule when translating is to use a translator to translate into their native tongue.

Descending further to the south, one enters a rectangular enclosure within which are five small brick lined ‘flower beds”, the central one being circular and the four corner beds square in plan.

The nectar of love is the universe. And that is not only so with him, it is so with all the Jaina monks. The Mahavamsa equates the killing of the invaders as being on par with the killing of “sinners and wild beasts”, and the King’s sorrow and regret are assuaged. The Beginning of the Great Thupa. His concern was food and sex. On the summit of the great rock, there is clear evidence that a boundary wall once rose from the slope below the edge on almost the total periphery of the rock; serried rock-cut ledges remain to betoken the support for the rising wall similar to the ledges on which the brickwork of the mirror wall of the gallery was set.

WWW Virtual Library: Owagiri

So whenever you do something, listen to the voice from within. As the ego becomes strong it starts surrounding intelligence like a thick layer of darkness. This woman, who was made to suffer such a horrendous end even though she was blameless, was the aunt of Prince Kassapa. Wigneswaran himself shocked and disappointed many by indulging in such talk.


The energy comes out of friction, conflict, struggle, will.

Ego is the gate of hell, and the natural, the authentic, the real that comes from your center, is the door to heaven. Cross-cousin marriage is associated historically with the Dravidian people of southern India- both Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhala practiced cross-cousin marriage historically- but exogamous marriage was the norm in the regions mahavxmsa northern India associated with the life of the Buddha.

by Wilhelm Geiger

There are these three cultures in the world: It is therefore very dry and painful to read. The ego is the narrow state, the seed-form, the atomic stage; love is all encompassing, love is God.

It is a thoughtless silence, unconfined, uncontained by anything. Thus the mahacamsa of an Arahant may be considered less wholesome and skillful than the killing of an ordinary human being.

Isnhala Mahawamsa was written for a purpose. The king could well have further protected the viharas from possible attack by his enemies by strengthening the sima on the western side, and building outside it other ramparts of brick and of earth.

This position of the roofed asana is to the leeward of the central ridge which thereby provided shelter from the strong monsoon winds. Let this be the criterion, and you have stumbled upon a fundamental. They afforded the key, if a scholar could be found to decipher them, to such fabulous historic riches that the mere sight of them filled Turnour with excitement.